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Talanoa is storytelling without predetermined agenda.

Without the prior fixed agenda that predetermines outcome, talanoa reveals the irreducible plurality of different moral concerns.

– Dr Sitiveni Halapua, Director, TDP


TDP is committed to formulating creative and sustainable solutions to political, social and economic issues. It is a practical and intellectual resource that documents and advances the development aims and social philosophy of talanoa.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Sitiveni Halapua, the New Zealand-based Project builds on previous work undertaken with the East West Center, the government of the Kingdom of Tonga (supported by the governments of Australia and New Zealand) and the Building Global Democracy programme.

Your donations will help people articulate their own development needs and achieve their unique vision of a better kind of life. You can make a difference by helping the Project facilitate talanoa in conflict situations, formulate solutions and provide crucial resources for specific development goals.


Formulate and advance the development aims of different kinds of life through talanoa.

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The Talanoa and Development Project is a registered charitable entity in terms of the New Zealand Charities Act 2005. For more information about the Project visit the Charities Register.

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