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Sitiveni Halapua 2015. “Talanoa: Measure of Relative Human Values in Global Cooperation” In Jan Aart Scholte (ed.)
Global Cooperation Through Cultural Diversity: Remaking Democracy? Global Dialogues 8, Käte Hamburger Kolleg /Centre for Global Cooperation Research, Duisburg 2015.

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Halapua, S., 2015 Comments on above papers

The Party and the World Dialogue 2014  China’s New Reforms: The Role of the Party.   China Center for Contemporary World Studies & China Center for Peace and Development 

Talanoa ‘a e Kafataha: Mahino mo e Fakakaukau Kakato

Halapua, S. 2014, Talanoa & Development Project Press, Auckland


Global Democracy as Talanoa: A Pacific (Outsider) Perspective (FULL PAPER)

Halapua,S., and Peau Halapua (Paper presented at the annual meeting of the international Studies Association Annual Conference “ Global Governance: Political Authority in Transition”, Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel, MONTREAL , QUEBEC, CANADA, Mar 16 2011.

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Public Lectures

Talanoa in Building Democracy and Governance

Halapua, S., 4-7.02.2013, Conference of “ Future Leaders of the Pacific”, Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Walking the Knife-edged Pathways to Peace

Halapua, S., 2003, Inaugural Public Lectiure of the Ratu Mara Friendship Foundation. Suva, Fiji.

Our Story about Development: From Theory to Blaming-Thy-Neighbour

Halapua, S., 9-10.06.2005, “Research for a change”, PACIFIC HEALTH RESEARCH FONO, Auckland.


Understanding Tonga is key to doing business 

4th November 2016, Pacific Cooperation Foundation presentation, New Zealand Tonga Business Council (NZTBC)

Sustainable Shipping in Remote Tongan Islands

8th November 2016,  Pacific Cooperation Foundation

How can the CPC Handle Future Challenges?

Interview 24-11-2014, China Radio International

Better Shipping For Tonga’s Niuas

Dateline Pacific, 6:02 on 9 December 2014, Radio New Zealand International

Tonga's Niuas to set up own shipping service

Updated at 6:55 am on 8 December 2014, Radio New Zealand International

New Tonga shipping scheme could be extended

Updated at 6:55 am on 8 December 2014, Radio New Zealand International

WIthout Vision Where is Political Reform Taking Tonga? 20.40 Monday, April 16 2012 Matangi Tonga Online

Talanoa--Talking from the Heart

Halapua S., 2007, SGI Quarterly; THe Possibilities of Dialogue


Talanoa 2000- 20004

Talanoa Statements

Joint Statement April 17 2003

Talanoa 1 Statement 1 Dec 2000

Talanoa II Statement 10 March 2001

Talanoa III Statement 19 May 2001

Talanoa IV Leaders Statement 4 Nov 2001

Talanoa V Leaders Statement 9 June 2002

Talanoa VI Leaders Statement 28 Feb 2004

Talanoa VII Leaders Statement 15 April 2004

Talanoa VIII Leaders Statement 10 May 2004


Joint Parliamentary Select Committee on Land 27 April 2004

Select Committee on Sugar Industry Reform 27 April 2004

Select Committee on Land 30 Sept 2004

Standing Committee on Constitutional Review 30 Sept 2004

Standing Committee on Human Rights and Equal Opportunity 30 Sept 2004

Discussion Frameworks

Framework for Talanoa on UNCERD Concluding Observations

Framework for Talanoa on Constitutional Change

Holistic Talanoa Framework on Land

Talanoa Bi- Partisan Sub Committee Priogressive Reports

TSC Progressive Report I 2 April 2003

TSC Progressive Report II 22 May 2003

TSC Progressive Report III 21 July 2003

TSC Progressive Report IV 10 Sept 2003

TSC Progressive Report V 19 March 2004

TSC Follow-up Report VI 5 May 2004

TSC Final Report VII 19 May 2004


Talanoa Committee Members 15 July 2002

Solomon Islands

Tok Stori: 2005

Tasi Mate Tok Stori statement Nov 2005

Weathercost Tok Stori Statement September 2005

Tok tok stori belong mi Kuma, Weathercoast of Guadalcanal.

Dickson M Sangu, Sughu Village, 2005.


Civil Servants Strike: 2005

Tonga Civil Servants Grievancves 07.15.2005

Royal Command Sept 01 2005

Memorandum Of Understanding 03 September 2005

Attachment to MOU Sept 3rd 2005

Nationl Committee for Political Reform: 2006

NCPR TOR English

NCPR report pending

Talanoa Program for Members of the Legislative Assembly 16-18 July 2008

UNDP report on Tonga Workshop

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