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Kainga Ongo Niua Mo Tafahi Picnic

12 Sanuali/January 2013 AUT Manukau Auckland

Vaka Fanāua Fundraiser: Koniseti KAUMAI

28 Siulai 2012 Roskill Youth Zone, Mt Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand

Mālō ʻAupito NZ $21,030.00 Raised

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Kalapu Vaka Fanāua, Auckland

Since 2011

Mālō ʻAupito NZ $6760.00 Raised To Date

Kahoa Raffle Draw

26 Sanuali/January 2012 AUT Manukau Auckland

Mālō ʻAupito NZ $400.00 Raised

Original kahoa designed, made and donated by

Ngaʻuta Vaiangina

hoa ʻo

Fuataimi Vaiangina

Kainga Ongo Niua Mo Tafahi Educational Project 2012

21 Sanuali/January 2012 AUT Manukau Auckland

Dinner E Ongo Niua’ Mo Tafahi: Ki He Fakapaʻanga ʻo e Vaka Fanāua

9 Tisema/December 2011 Queen Salote College Hall, Nukuʻalofa, Tonga

Mālō ʻAupito TOP $15,406.00 Raised

Vaka Fanāua Fundraiser: Koniseti Kāinga Ongo Niua’ Mo Tafahi

28 ʻOkatopa 2011 Otara Leisure Centre, Otara, Auckland, New Zealand

Mālō ʻAupito NZ $26,401.53 Raised

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Vaka Fanāua Fundraiser: Dinner E Ongo Niua’ Mo Tafahi

22 Siulai/July 2011 Malaeola Community Centre, Mangere, Auckland, NZ

Fakatahataha à e Kāingá mei he Ongo Niuá mo Tafahi, Auckland

6th Sune/June 2011, Rosebank Peninsular Church, Avondale

Brief update....

  1. 1.•There has been work allocated to individuals

  2. 2.•Broadcast project on radio programmes (531PI, 104.6 planet FM, 88.2 FM (Linitā Manu’atu & Sioeli Vaiangina)

  3. 3.•Contacting Niua/Tafahi kainga overseas (Sioeli Vaiangina)

  4. 4.•Kalapu Kava tonga e ongo Niua will start to collect donations/contributions towards Fanāua project every Friday night @ 16 Park Cres, Otara. 

  5. 5.•Big meeting with Niua/Tafahi community June 6 2011, 12noon.  Venue TBC

  6. 6.•Working committee will continue to meet regularly – next meeting Thursday 12 May, 7pm – AUT Manukau

  7. 7.•Contacts for project correspondence – Linita Manu’atu 0211677979 or 09 3760930 and Sioeli Vaiangina 09 2639854. Or contact us here at info@talanoa.org

28.4.2011 Niua Community Talanoa, AUT Manukau

20.4.2011 Niua Community Talanoa, Auckland

Dr. Linitā Manuʻatu (Fataʻulua, Niuafo‘ou) and Kainga from Ongo Niua

Fakatahataha à e Kāingá mei he Ongo Niuá
Pulelulu 20 ‘Epeleli 2011

Ke Talanoa à e Kāingá ki he Kaveinga ò e teu “FOʻU VAKA FANĀUA MAʻAE ONGO NIUÁ”

1. Lotu Kamata: Faifekau Rev’d. Vaituʻulala

2.Hiva: Himi 410

3.“Talanoa ki he ʻUhinga ʻo e Himi 410 mo ‘ene Fekauʻaki moe Kaveinga Foʻu VAKA”

- Dr. Linitā Manuʻatu (Fataʻulua, Niuafo‘ou)

4. “Talanoa ki he Histōlia mo e Ngāue ki he Foʻu Vaka Fanāua  ʻa e Ongo Niua”

- Dr. Sitiveni Halapua (Hihifo, Niuatoputapu)


6.Lotu Tuku

Talanoa with the Niua people of Auckland. Thank you to Rev’d Vaituʻulala for generously offering the use of Rosebank Peninsula Church.

8.4.2011 Niua Community Talanoa, Auckland

Vaka Fanaua proposal was discussed at a talanoa session with Niua’ people in Auckland. It began with a dinner followed by a powerpoint presentation by Dr Sitiveni Halapua. He gave a brief history of the Niua’ people’s first contact with Dutch explorers in 1616. The historical account, accompanied by the Dutchmen’s original drawings, described the technical aspects of traditional multi-hull vaka, which had on average 25 men in open sea. Participants focused on and supported the thinking behind Vaka Fanaua’s approach to strengthening the sustainability and social identity of Niua’ islands communities.